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Premier Chalet

Start From£22.00 / Guest
4 Guests
1 or 2 cats sharing £22.00 a night *
3 cats sharing £27.00 a night *
4 cats sharing £30.00 a night *

 * Prices above are for two or more nights stay

For booking enquiries please call 07581 198669
We are also able to offer a Cat Cam facility, which is an additional £2 per chalet per night. This can be selected as an additional service on the booking form.
Our premier chalet is available for the larger family, or just if you would prefer a larger area for your cat(s) to roam. Situated in a corner site this has additional ‘lounging areas’ which will allow your cat(s) to look out over the surrounding countryside and do a bit of bird watching and sunbathing, although the birds are in a more plentiful supply than the sun! We also have a TV fitted outside the chalet, so our guests have the option of keeping up to date with the soaps or watching their favourite TV show.

First time in a cattery and unsure of the best accommodation for your feline companion? Why not come in and see us before you go away? We are open to visitors between 10am to 1pm and 4pm to 6pm and would be more than happy to give you the guided tour. Our primary aim is to make our guests feel as comfortable as possible and enjoy their stay while you are away enjoying yours.

Barnhill cattery includes all of the following at no extra cost

Food, (excluding prescription diets), specialised veterinary bedding, cat litter, laundry, daily cleaning and disinfecting of chalets and litter trays, clean feeding and water bowls every day, grooming, fully insulated and individually heated sleeping accommodation, and of course individual time with your cat.

All cats must be fully up to date with their yearly vaccination’s before staying at Barnhill Cattery.
Vaccination cards must accompany your cat on arrival.